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Silver Memories Inc

Family Testimonials for our Memory Care Homes in Omaha, NE

Do not leave the care of your loved one to someone who will not perform it correctly. Take a look at what others have to say about Silver Memories, Inc. and see that our passion about care follows through.

Testimonial from Mary and Joseph Egler:

"We would like to take a few moments to thank the owner and the staff of Silver Memories Inc. for their care and devotion that we have seen in their operations. No detail is too small to escape their attention. We have been totally impressed by the care given and their desire to deliver 'second to none' home living for the elderly. They really care about their residents and take time to get to know them and make them feel at home. Every possible attempt is made to keep the residents healthy both in spirit and in body. Recreation and activities are held all the time and Mom has never had such great care! We have also seen many other care facilities both large and small and if we were going in to a care facility ourselves today, we would surely choose Silver Memories. We feel very lucky to have found them! Jane and all the others, we thank you from all our extended family, for the care and the warmth shown to your residents. Please feel free to use our names as a reference anytime. We know how hard it can be to pick a good place for a family member. Many times these are critical decisions and often rushed by circumstances, which make it all the harder to choose. Silver Memories has our confidence, our Mom, and our thanks."

Mary and Joseph Egler

Still not convinced? Look at this review from Women's Edition magazine:

"If you are a senior with memory problems, and your family is telling you that they're worried about you being alone and you'd be better off in a facility, would you be happy about that? What if there was a real house in a real neighborhood where you could live with a handful of other seniors and have a support staff come to you 24 hours a day? What if there was a cook to fix your meals and other staff members to assist with bathing, medications, laundry, dressing, cleaning, and other tasks? Sound great, but impossible? It's possible at Silver Memories, Inc.!"
If you are seeking care, choose a licensed and regulated home where your loved one is not a statistic.